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5 Online Resources for Information on Choosing a Care Home

Placing a loved one into a home can be a difficult decision. Most people are unsure of where to turn to find information on how to choose a nursing home, nor find out what they should be looking for to discover if the home is as great as they claim that they are. It is irresponsible to simply choose the home that is nearest to you. It is best to do your research to find the home that is going to fit the individual needs of the patient, including their health requirements as well as their activity level. If you are at the point in which you need to start doing your research, we have some great online sources that are going to be valuable in helping you learn what you need to look for in a home.


The Alzheimer’s Association

This is a vital association when it comes to Alzheimer’s care and rehabilitation. For those who are looking for homes that cater to this problem, then the association gives some great information in finding a home. They include:

  • Ensuring the home feels as though it is truly a home
  • Having a competent staff

And other tips that can be used across any nursing home that you consider.



MetLife is a life insurance company that is known throughout the globe. As the ages of those who have these policies are aging, they have come together to provide a person with numerous issues that they should be addressing in order to find the nursing home that is going to best fit the needs of their loved one. It can be seen at https://www.metlife.com/assets/cao/mmi/publications/essentials/mmi-choosing-nursing-home-essentials.pdf and addresses:

  • Location
  • Services offered
  • Reviews and ratings

Care Quality Commission

This is an important website that everyone needs to remember. At this website you can look at the issues that a home may have had, along with any ratings on how well the home or person has performed. This can be a great factor in making a decision as to which home to utilise.

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The NHS website is a great source for general tips on choosing a nursing home, as well as find other third party links to information that can help in choosing a home. They also have a search box for finding a home that is near your location for ease of use.

Gold Standards Framework

For those who have narrowed down their choices of care homes, then this website is going to be one that they will want to check. Gold Standards Framework is going to show which homes may or may not be accredited that you are considering. Finding an accredited home can help to put your mind to ease.

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