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Finding Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness is perhaps Scotland’s most well-known tourist attraction. Each year, people from around the globe visit this 24-mile stretch water because of its breathtaking beauty, not to mention to enjoy the legend from the fabled Loch Ness Monster. Loch Ness is among many lochs (or ponds) hidden among the ...

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Pasadena California Dining

Based on the latest U.S Government census the town of Pasadena, California includes a population of just below 140,000, nevertheless the city boasts more than 500 dining institutions. Pasadena has an abundance of shopping malls, stores, boutiques, cinemas, galleries, museums not to mention it’s the host from the Rose Parade ...

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Visit Monterey California

Monterey, California, the earliest city in California, began in 1770. It’s approximetly 30,000 citizens, a typical hot temperature 0f 65.3 levels, a typical cold of 47.8 levels, receives rain typically 67 days annually and it is around the Monterey Peninsula that has over 98 miles of shoreline. The gorgeous town ...

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