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Custom T Shirts 101

Matching is the new black. Nothing says, “We came to win this beach volleyball tournament” like a team with matching shirts.

Custom T shirts are a no-brainer to commemorate fun events or raise funds for special causes, but finding a place to buy those shirts, and making all the little decisions along the way, is tough. It can be confusing to know just how to wade through all the custom options out there, but it can be done.

Custom T Shirts 101

Look at Pricing

Duh, right? Knowing the price you’ll pay per shirt is obvious. What might not be so obvious is how that pricing breaks down.

First, it’s important to know that the more shirts you buy, the less you’ll pay per shirt. Second, note that you’ll be charged based on the number of colors in your design; a shirt that uses three colors is typically more expensive than a shirt that uses only one. Lastly, anything more than a standard front design- like printing on the sleeves or the back- will cost extra.

Look at Options

Different companies meet different custom shirt needs. Some allow you to upload your own design, while others offer graphics and fonts for you to create your own. Make sure you know how you plan to create your shirt before you choose a site.

Finding the custom T shirt website that best fits your needs is only half the battle. Once you’ve settled on a company to bring your idea to life, there a few things you can do to make the process easier.

Go Unisex

Whether you’re selling shirts for a fundraiser or you just want your intramural softball team to be well-dressed, your best bet is to go with unisex T shirts. Choosing a shirt that isn’t gender-specific eliminates the hassle of buying two different versions of the same design. Besides, if the shirt is cute and comfortable, no one is going to care that it’s unisex.

Go Soft

All custom shirts are not created equal. Some can be scratchy and uncomfortable, especially if you’re ordering in bulk. Make sure the shirts you order are soft and comfortable to wear; your team or club will thank you for it.

Go For It
You could easily spend hours agonizing over the design details for your custom order, but ain’t nobody got time for that. It’s best to give your design your best shot, have a friend look it over and check that you’ve included all the relevant details, and then let the professionals take it from there.

Custom T shirts are supposed to bring people together so, most importantly, have fun with the process.

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