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Harmful side effects of Andriol

Andriol has androgenic properties and as similar as testosterone. It is a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid. Most commonly it is available in the market in oral form and its generic name is testosterone undecanoate. It is very effective and should be used with precautions otherwise its side effects could be serious. This drug introduced as testosterone undecanoate in the early1980s by Merck.

Andriol developed in the laboratories like other steroids and its price will depend on jurisdiction it is used in the testosterone replacement therapy for the treatment of low testosterone level or hypogonadism. Its sale was not approved in the US but it can be found in countries like Mexico, Europe and Canada. Its use is common in bodybuilders and athletes. Its advantages are marvelous but its side effects could be serious if do not take with cautions. Common side effects are – water retention, blotting, gynecomastia and gains in body fat. Its side effects disrupt organ functions and all activities of entire body system as well as hormone levels. Certain enzymes are present and involve in testosterone metabolism so Andriol converts testosterone in to the estrogen. This process is known as aromatization. Andriol does aromatize in the human body and promote androgenic activities.

To avoid this type of side effects bodybuilders are incorporate anti- estrogen drugs into their cutting or bulking cycle. Tamoxifen citrate is used as anti- estrogen, it is estrogen receptor modulators but it always doesn’t work. Bodybuilders use Arimidex for extra support. Andriol may effects cardiovascular system but Liver toxicity is rare. The impact of this anabolic androgenic steroid on cholesterol levels may be damage cardiovascular functions. Use of Andriol buildup plaque inside arterial walls or raise the risk of atherosclerosis due to influence raised levels of low- density lipoprotein. And with this high-density lipoprotein are decreased, it is a good cholesterol. Increased level of low-density lipoprotein is dangerous and gives damaging effects. At the end any exogenous hormone that is taken by body can trigger the human body to cease production of natural testosterone. It leads potential infertility and testicular atrophy.

Commonly injectable synthetic steroids are more effective and give good and desired results. Bodybuilders still use this steroid because it is considered as safer in reference for liver damage and less risk of disturbing cholesterol level (normal lipid) in the human body.

It is recommended that oral Andriol to be taken with meals. It has relatively half life and increase the absorption level of testosterone. It is available in 40mg capsule form and 80 mg dosage provides benefits for up to 20days if taken with meals containing moderate fat. To maintain the level of testosterone dosages should be taken once in the morning and once in the evening. When it is used for treatment of low androgen output, dosage should be started at a 120 mg dose up to 160 mg per day and no more than two to three weeks. Bodybuilders take higher dosages to increase the desired results. They think that it is perfectly safe but it is not true. Be aware of its side effects.

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