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Hot Tips for Taking Care of Your New Home Furniture

Many of your furnishings will be heavily used inside your home, and this means that you must find an effective way to clean your pieces so that they retain their gorgeous look for years to come. You may have carefully selected your La Barge pieces and other types of fine furnishings, and you understandably want to keep them looking great over the decades. There are a few helpful tips that you can follow to help you better care for your furnishings now and in the future.

New Home Furniture

Follow Manufacturers’ Cleaning Recommendations

Most furnishings are sold with some type of care package or at least a label. Some may have specific cleaning products that are recommended for use by the manufacturer, and the manufacturer may have provided you with a starter sample of these products to use. While these may not be the only products that will work on the material to keep it clean, it may be wise to stick with the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning method. Read through all materials that are provided by the manufacturer for the care of the product as well.

Read Labels on Cleaning Products

Some cleaning products are ineffective at cleaning some materials with certain finishes, and some can even ruin your products if you are not careful. It is important that you read your furnishings’ labels at the time of purchase, and keep these on hand for further reference if needed. More than that, if you are using any products other than what the manufacturer recommends, always take time to read the label before applying it to your product. Use it only on pieces that it is designed for, and only use it based on the usage instructions printed on the label.

When In Doubt

There may be times when you are not certain about whether to use a product or not. When in doubt, you can always try to clean the surface in an inconspicuous area, such as on the underneath edge of a coffee table or on the interior of the couch where the seat cushion hides the material. If these areas can safely be cleaned without question, you can proceed with caution to clean another less noticeable area of the furnishing for further testing. This testing process will enable you to confidently clean the rest of the furnishing.

After you have invested your time and money searching for and buying the best furnishings possible for your home, you certainly want to take great care of them. These cleaning tips can help you to determine which products and methods are best to use with your different fine furnishings and which methods you should avoid.

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