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The Injectable Dianabol Vs. Oral Tablets – Which Is The Best Option

The chemical name of dianabol is methandrostenolone and methandienone. This anabolic steroid has been used for various medical purposes in US since 1960s. It is the only oral steroid available in the market that can be injected. It is often sold as Dbol in various pharmaceutical stores.

Injectable steroids are quite beneficial for the bodybuilders. Most importantly, it does not damage the liver like the oral tablets. Besides this, it offers faster and better results than the oral pills. Being an injectable supplement, it is not easy to use it. Hence, many people prefer simple to consume oral version.

Injectable Dianabol

Useful facts about the injectable version of Dianabol

The injectable version of the steroid is known as C17- Alpha Alkylation. As it reaches the liver, it undergoes different metabolic changes. Excessive consumption of oral as well as the injectable forms can result in liver toxicity. The injection reaches the bloodstream faster and filters the liver. Whatever you consume is screened through the liver to check toxicity. Once the compound reaches the liver, they will change the molecular makeup to make the supplement less toxic or easier to consume. If you have been taking the supplement for long time without break, there are high chances of liver damage. Hence, it is essential to cut the cycles.

How to take the injections

The injections are available in 50ml and therefore it is easy to adjust the dosage than tablets. The bodybuilders are advice to consume 20- 40mg of pills every day. In case of injections, they are advised to take 2 injections every day. They must understand that drugs have half-life of only 8 hours. Hence, those who are working out the entire day must consume two injections per day. The ideal duration of a cycle varies between 4- 6 weeks. The athletes are advised to take a break of 1.5 weeks between two cycles.

The risk factors

The injectable version of Dbol and oral tablets have different pros and cons. However, you could read the reviews about both the forms before making the decision. There are many positive and few negative results of using the supplement. You might notice a sudden drop in testosterone levels in the blood. As you increase the dosage the drop will increase to as much as 40%. Besides this, the levels of HGH rise by 30%. You will notice 5 kg increase in the muscles during a cycle.



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